Transform Your Home with Industry-Leading Blown Bead Insulation

Shropshire Green Energy Centre supply industry leading blown bead insulation systems. Injected into wall cavities, it has excellent insulating properties making it perfect for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Combat Heat Loss and Save Energy with Cavity Wall Insulation

Up to 35% of all heat loss in your home is lost through the walls. Most modern homes are built by constructing masonry walls with an air-gap, or “cavity”, of at least 50mm in between. Insulating this cavity is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of energy you need to heat your home.

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How does it work?

Most modern homes are constructed with an ‘air-gap’ or cavity walls, and filling this with insulating material can significantly reduce heat loss. However, not all homes are constructed in this way, and as such, your home will need to be surveyed to make sure it is suitable first.

Once this has been confirmed, our insulation team will drill a series of small holes into the outside wall of your property. Then, they will insert insulating material into the cavity using specialist equipment.

The insulating material can be made from a variety of different materials, but is usually made from recycled granulated mineral wool fibre or polystyrene beads. In effect, this creates a blanket effect that will prevent heat escaping.

This means that you use less energy to keep your home warm, helping you save money on your bills.

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What our cutomers are saying…

This company attended our house today to do loft, and cavity wall insulation. They also fitted some trickle vents to doors/windows, checked the guttering, maintained/repaired some air vents in the brickwork, and fitted tank jackets to water tanks in the loft. They did far more work than I expected being extremely thorough and professional. They were also very polite, and easy to get along with. I was very impressed with all the work they did, and the service they provided. Whats more all this was done for free under a government insulation scheme. I am a very happy customer!


Wayne Plester


To Darren & Team

Had my cavity wall insulation done the other day and the guys did a fantastic job, very polite and professional. I’ve noticed today that my house smells different. I’ve not had to put heating on in the evening where it used to get really cold even though the weather’s warming up and my house smells fresher. I thought it was because of the last tenant who smoked and I’ve been here three yrs and the house still smelt a bit iffy. Guess it was the mould. Now it smells a lot nicer. Really grateful. Thanks 😊

Lisa Wootton


Very polite and pleasant young man came to survey for cavity wall insulation earlier this week, he was very helpful and an asset to your team.

Rosemary Liston


Why Choose Us?

Elevate Your Home’s Comfort with Expert Insulation Services

Shropshire Green Energy Centre is an expert in insulation and energy efficiency when it comes to your home.

Expert Insulation Solutions for Homes, Schools, and Businesses

We help homes, schools and businesses every week. We pride ourselves on offering excellent service, peace of mind and value for money.

25 Year Guarentee on Cavity Wall Insulation – Ensuring a Cozy Home

Once you have had your cavity wall insulation fully installed, we will obtain a 25 year guarantee for you, so you know that you’ll have a cosy home for years to come.

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