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Shropshire Green Energy Centre Ltd believe that all customers should receive a good standard of customer service.

Customer Charter – Our promise to you

We will:

  • deal with you politely and respectfully
  • respond to you promptly without jargon and in plain English
  • provide clear information and advice about our services on our website
  • explain our decisions and the reasons for them
  • admit when things go wrong and do our best to put them right
  • be honest and realistic, only making promises we can deliver, making the best use of the resources we have
  • listen to your views on our services to help us improve and make changes to them; you can use our email to give us this feedback.
We ask you to:

  • tell us as soon as possible when things go wrong
  • let us know in good time if you can’t make an appointment with us
  • treat us politely and with respect, and understand that we will not tolerate abusive language or threatening behaviour towards our staff or other people using our services
  • let us know if you have received an outstanding service.
Complaints and appeals procedure
Shropshire Green Energy Centre Ltd at all times seeks to deliver an efficient and effective services to its customers. We endeavour to give no grounds for complain about any of our actions or procedures. Nevertheless, things do go wrong. We believe that out customers have a right of complaint if a reasonable level and quality of service is not provided. All complaints will dealt with in a fair sympathetic manner.
All complaints must be made in writing and sent by email to or by post to the Information Officer, Shropshire Green Energy Centre Ltd, Shropshire, Cemetery Road, Dawley Bank, Telford TF4 2BS
The Complaint Form can be used to submit your query, or a link to download and send the form by mail.
Shropshire Green Energy Centre Ltd
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